19. dubna 2009

17. Martincův zákon: Work smart, not hard!

Serial Dr. HouseWork smart, not hard!
[Cut to a visual of Lucy's surgery. Ducklings are watching from the observation deck.]

FOREMAN: This thing is already all around her heart, if it gets into the muscle she's dead.
CHASE: Best bet's Coxsackie virus, Parvovirus B19, CMV...
CAMERON: Bacterial infection is more likely to turn constrictive it could be TB.
CHASE: Right. Forgot about the part where she did time in Russian goulo. Her hematocrits elevated.
CAMERON: Few extra blood cells means nothing she's probably just dehydrated.
CHASE: Yes and I could assume 3 or 4 things to fit my theory too.
CAMERON: She's sick, she obviously hasn't been drinking enough...
FOREMAN: Enough! [Chase and Cameron stop and look at Foreman.] I take it you two aren't sleeping together anymore? We do what House said. We test for everything.
CHASE: Good. [Hands Cameron the file.] Then I can go home. [Starts to leave.]
CAMERON: Since when does we not include you?
CHASE: Well House is going to call us all idiots anyway. Might as well be a well-rested idiot. [Leaves.]

[Cut to House in diagnostics office talking to a very tired looking Cameron and Foreman.]

HOUSE: You guys are idiots.
CAMERON: Why? Because we stayed up all night doing exactly what you told us to do?
HOUSE: No. Because you stayed up all night doing exactly what I told you to do and have nothing to show for it.
FOREMAN: We eliminated dozens of wrong answers.
HOUSE: I asked you what 2 + 2 equals and a day later you tell me not 25.

[Chase walks in looking well rested]

CHASE: The pathology report just got filed. Found granulomas in Lucy's pericardium. [Hands House the report.] Could be a case of fungal infection.
HOUSE: Nice work.
CAMERON: He went home!
HOUSE: Work smart, not hard!